Success Stories

Physician Group Receives Best-in-Class Evaluation

Before employing the Accountable Care Associates infrastructure, a large, multi-specialty physician group was unable to manage the risk in a global cap model, and outcomes were suffering. Our team evaluated the network’s structure and contracts, and only three months after adopting ACA’s data sharing tools, care management services and oversight support, performance turned around.

The group became a best practice in its region and received top evaluation nationally from Deloitte (one of the world’s most respected independent auditing firms) in all areas, including incentives, physician leadership, in-patient and ambulatory care management and reporting. ACA continues to grow and evolve rapidly. ACA’s provider networks are expected as of January 2013 to include over 10,000 physicians managing the care for over 100,000 covered lives in global capitation and ACO-type programs.

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